About us

The Investigative Media Center appeared out of the need for accurate, verified and relevant information, in contrast with the sea of nonsense that the Romanian media keeps struggling in.

We are sure that there are people that are interested in the more complicated things that happen in Romania, things that mainstream media here can or will not tackle, fearing that it might lose its consumers or its corrupt funds and stipends. These people, that want real information, not kitsch, are our target.

Our platform is dedicated to the ones that are really unsatisfied with what they see around when they walk the streets of Romania, really tired of the deadly corrupt today’s Romania, but still willing enough to fight for a change.

After more than one year of exclusively volunteering, the Investigative Media Center became an NGO (an association) under the Romanian law, being registered under no. 151/12.12.2013 by the decision of a Bucharest judge. The editorial team is led by Ovidiu Vanghele, journalist with more than 12 years of experience in main Romanian media outlets.

Those of you who are curious of finding out who steals their money day after day are invited to read and support us. In any way you want.

We’ll try to do journalism here. Investigative reporting, the true, documented, non-biased kind.

Wish us luck! We need it here!


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